Franks Plumbing and Heating Water Circulator

The last thing you want at the end of a long and tiring day is to have to wait for hot water as you shower. Now you can get hot water in an instant without wasting any. You want to be responsible and environment friendly, yet you don’t want to wait for hot water. Installing a hot water recirculation system is the solution you need.

Hot Water Pumps, Circulating Systems, Recirc Systems and pumps - What Are They and How Do They Work? Traditional hot water circulating systems use a hot water circulating pump to pump hot water from the water heater, through the hot water piping, and on back to the water heater through an additional length of pipe that runs from the furthest fixture back to the water heater. This provides you with instant hot water.

Circulating systems can waste lots of energy
This type of hot water circulating system provides nearly instant hot water at the fixtures, but wastes a tremendous amount of energy through both the energy required to operate the hot water pump and even more heat energy lost from the piping.

Greener water conservation products, hot water demand systems save water and don't waste energy The greener alternative, hot water demand pumps such as the Chilipepper CP6000 and the Metlund D'mand system use very little pumping energy and since they don't actually circulate the hot water they do not add any energy loss to a typical hot water usage.

Demand systems only run for a few seconds until the hot water reaches the fixture and then shut off, so the electricity used for pumping amounts to less than $2 per year. Hot water demand systems are truly green products for water conservation.